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The results are in; see the mayors of the villages in Veliko Tarnovo district

The results are in; see the mayors of the villages in Veliko Tarnovo district

The elections are over, the votes have been counted, the numbers have been analysed and below you will find the results for the Veliko Tarnovo area.

Daniel Panov has won a third mandate as mayor of Veliko Tarnovo municipality with a vote of 60,55%. 32726 people from the municipality have voted with a total number of 70036 allowed to vote.

The mayor of Debelets is Snejana Parvanova with a vote of 59,73%.
In Vodoley, Antoaneta Todorova won the mayor elections with 56%.
The mayor of Resen is Yordanka Koleva who won with 74,29%.
The people of Ledenik have chosen Anton Krustev for their mayor with 58,65%.
In Shemshevo, the elections were won by Kiril Angelski with 79,25%.
Nedio Georgiev won the elections in Balvan with 67,99%.
The mayor of Novo Selo is Hristo Hristov with 84,76%.
In Belyakovets, the elections were won by Albena Berenska with 56,23%.
The people of Tserova Koriya have chosen Hristo Kunchev with 84%.
In Pchelishte, the mayor is Gitsa Lazarova with 78,41%.
The mayor of Prisovo is Malina Popova with 77,21%.

There will be a ballotage in Kilifarevo and Samovodene. In Kilifarevo the candidates are Dimitar Sabev, Sergei Stoikov and Viktoria Nikolova. In Samovodene the votes are between Nikolai Milakovski, Stefan Muglov and Margarita Surmenova.

There will be a ballotage in Gorna Oryahovitsa Municipality, where Dobromir Dobrev and Yavor Bozhankov will face each other next Sunday. A ballotage is also happening in Lyaskovets between Ivelina Getsova and Vasil Hristov. The residents of Zlataritsa municipality will also have to go to the ballot boxes again, where the choice is between Pencho Chanev and Michail Ganev.

In other municipalities, mayors were elected in the first round. In Elena the battle was won by Dilyan Mlazev, in Pavlikeni – Emanuil Manolov, in Polski Trambesh – Georgi Chakarov, in Svishtov – Gencho Genchev, in Strazhitsa – Rumen Pavlov and in Suhindol – Plamen Chernev.

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