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Treehouses for tourists in the Kapinovo Monastery complex near Veliko Tarnovo
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Treehouses for tourists in the Kapinovski Monastery complex near Veliko Tarnovo

There will be tree houses for tourists in the Kapinovo Monastery complex near Veliko Tarnovo. They will be the first of their kind in Bulgaria. The idea came to the owner Lyuben Velchev recently, and the realization of the attractive endeavour will be ready by next summer.

The Kapinovo Monastery Camping in the Veliko Tarnovo district is amongst the best ones according to a survey

So far, he is planning to start with 5 cottages, each of which will be a studio with a bathroom, a terrace and beds. There will be room for two to four people inside. The size of the innovative base is planned to be between 20 and 25 square meters and the houses will be made of oak.

The wooden houses will be erected 4 meters from the ground and located on the trees near the tent campsite. There are large trees there – oaks, Turkey oaks and hornbeams. The campsite near the Kapinovo Monastery was triumphant in this year’s ranking of favourite Bulgarian campsites. The representative of the Veliko Tarnovo district won a record six awards, outshining even the equipped nature tourism areas along the Black Sea coast. The winners in the fifth edition of the ranking were chosen with the help of a special poll in both Bulgarian and English, thus a chance was given to foreigners to share their impressions of our Bulgarian campsites for the first time. Nearly 1,000 people between the ages of 30 and 55 who have a passion for camping have responded to the questionnaire.

The Kapinovo Monastery Camping is situated at the foot of the Balkans, near Veselina river in the region of the Kapinovski Monastery “Saint Nikolay Chudotvorets”, and only 20km away from the old capital of Bulgaria – Veliko Tarnovo. The Kapinovski waterfall is close to the campsite. The campsite itself has been built following a German model for camping design and fulfilling all requirements of the European Camping Association.

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