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Future of Old Town Veliko Tarnovo

The lack of detailed development plan for the Old Town of Veliko Tarnovo has lead to the collapse of many beautiful Bulgarian houses, apartments and historic buildings, reports Evrokom Tsarevets, a local TV channel, thus hindering investment in the town.


According to the Chief architect Nikolay Malakov, the main reason for the unfortunate state of Veliko Tarnovo properties in the Old Part is the lack of clear objectives concerning the future of the area.


Preparation of a masterplan for the reconstruction and development of the old part of Veliko Tarnovo is a difficult task. The problems every development plan faces in this part of the town are of varied nature – the specific terrain of Veliko Tarnovo, the historic image that needs to be preserved and the creature comforts that still need to be met.


Seems like the administration of local planning agency is finally taking steps for preservation, however. Detailed plans and requirements for façades of important streets, such as “Nezavisimost” have already been made and will be distributed to owners of properties on chosen streets.


Hopefully, more steps towards the conservation of traditional and Revival period buildings will be taken.  Who knows, it might just give Veliko Tarnovo a much needed boost for European Cultural Capital in 2019.

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