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Euronews presents "Tsarevets Fortress: The City of the Tsars"
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Euronews presents “Tsarevets Fortress: The City of the Tsars”

A Euronews team visited Veliko Tarnovo in order to film a short video about the old capital. The episode “Tsarevets Fortress: The City of the Tsars” from the “Postcards” section of the multilingual news media emphasizes the historical significance of the old Bulgarian capital, which is defined as a “true national treasure” and a “popular tourist destination”.

Euronews presents "Tsarevets Fortress: The City of the Tsars
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CAMPING SEASON 2017 – Kapinovo Monastery

Campsite Kapinovo Monastery is located at the foot of Elena Balkan next to Kapinovo village. Kapinovo is one of the oldest villages in Veliko Tarnovo region. It has many years long story that began from the time of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. Back in those time, the village was a feudal ownership of Tarnovo’s kings.
The camping is next to Veselina river shore in Kapinovski monastery “Saint Nikolay Wonderworker” and it is about 20 km away south from the old capital-Veliko Tarnovo city. 5 km from the camp base is placed the beautiful Kapinovski waterfall with crystal clear white cliffs. The area is forest, surrounded by high rocky hills.

Kapinovo Waterfall

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