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Newly asphalted roads in Veliko Tarnovo Municipality and other improvements
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To be asphalted roads in Veliko Tarnovo Municipality and other improvements

The Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo is planning to asphalt anew some of the roads on its premises. Funding has already been provided and the projects have been approved. Continue reading to see which roads will get a makeover and some of the other improvements the municipality has planned.

The Veliko Tarnovo Municipality announced that the main street in the village of Shemshevo, as well as a 4 km section from the road to the village of Bukovets, are going to be asphalted anew. Funds for the necessary repairs are available, and the reconstruction will be done by the road construction company Road Construction VT, which also fixed the collapsed bridge between the old capital and the village.

The funding is along the program for damage and disaster recovery and, in this case, it is because of the pouring rains in the spring of this year. The total funds are over 520,000 leva. Funding was also provided for the reconstruction of two streets in the village of Vetrintsi, as well as for the repair of the road between the village and the main Sevlievo – Veliko Tarnovo road. The Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo is slowly but surely improving the road conditions both in the town and in the villages.

For the town, they are making a new master plan for traffic organisation, which is expected to be ready by the beginning of 2020. The project includes reconstruction of intersections, installation of traffic lights, the purchase of 3 electric busses, construction of a pedestrian overpass and buffer parking. The procedures for designing the North Road junction at the foot of Trapezitsa have also started. The road junction is expected to significantly alleviate both urban and transit traffic. The road junction will connect the main road Ruse – Veliko Tarnovo – Svilengrad directly with the republican highway Veliko Tarnovo – Arbanasi – Gorna Oryahovitsa. The junction will also provide tourists with direct access to the Tsarevets and Trapezitsa fortresses, without the need for buses or cars to enter the central and old part of town.     

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