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More than 4 km of water pipes in the Old Part of Veliko Tarnovo will be replaced
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20 more streets to be renovated in the old part of Veliko Tarnovo

Another 20 streets in the historical part of Veliko Tarnovo will be renovated, which means that after that the infrastructure of the Varusha neighbourhood will be entirely upgraded. Gasification and new transport schemes are to be expected as well.

Over the last two years, 38 streets and several squares have been overhauled, including the emblematic streets of Gurko, Samovodska Charshia, Saedinenie Square, the panoramic terraces on Stefan Stambolov Street and others. Eight kilometres of water mains were also replaced. The mayor’s office has invested over eight million leva under a European project for renovations in Veliko Tarnovo.

The repairs will include the pipes of the existing water supply and sewerage infrastructure and the pavements on the following streets: Buzludzha, Captain Petko Voivoda, Kolyu Gaitandzhiyata, Shipka, Bratya Miladinovi, Nikola Zlatarski, Stefan Karadzha, Reservoarska , Panayot Tipografov, Yantra, Todor Lefterov, Rodolyubets, Dr. Hristo Daskalov, Nikola Strandzhata, Ivan Panov Semerdzhiev, Ivanka Boteva, Evgeniya Kisimova, Nikola Piccolo, Gotse Delchev, as well as two streets identified by numbers.

The gas companies are about to do a survey of the owners’ interest in being connected to the network before construction starts next spring. What is more, people from the Varusha and Asenov neighbourhoods are the first that will be able to renew their heating appliances for free. 548 are the households that will get assistance in the first phase of the project funded by the Life + program. In the next two cycles, another 4,500 families will receive funding for gas, pellet or electricity heating.

For the upcoming winter season, three new snow cleaning machines are provided for the Varusha neighbourhood. The specifics of the neighbourhood have been taken into consideration in regards to the size of the machines. As for the new transportation scheme, it is planned to provide shuttle service to serve both residents of the Varusha neighbourhood and students at Arcus American College.

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