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Gurko Street, Veliko Tarnovo

Gurko Street in Veliko Tarnovo

Gurko Street in Veliko Tarnovo

Gurko Street is one of the most picturesque streets in Veliko Tarnovo with its traditional houses built during the Revival Period. Authentic buildings are clustered tightly together, as if cascaded, overlooking the Yantra River.

When you look up you see Bulgarian houses and roofs, perched on the steep slope and if you look down, you can see the Yantra meandering below and around the Sveta Gora Hill, the Boris Denev Gallery and the glorious Asenevtsi Monument. Gurko is a unique place where nature merges with the architectural beauty of the city.

Gurko Street and the Varusha Quarter have maintained the traditional concepts for beauty, warmth and homeliness from the Revival Period. You can still see house windows decorated with lovely pots of flowers, ivy creeping on walls, vines planted on every inch of available land. The street is decorated with cheshmi (plural for a type of outside public tap) and street-lights that illuminate houses, passers-by and stone-paved streets.

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