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Veliko Tarnovo has a good chance to become the next European Cultural Capital

Asenevtsi Monument and Boruna

Veliko Tarnovo has serious potential and chances to win the title of European Capital of Culture in 2019. The city has the opportunity to become a centre for development of street art and the art of wrapping monuments among.  This is the opinion expressed by Hanna Payer from the University of Applied Sciences in Krems, Austria, published in the VT Municipality website.


She has written a master’s thesis on the application of Veliko Tarnovo for European Capital of Culture. For her research, she has conducted detailed interviews with the heads of the 10 of the most successful applicant cities, which have already been European Capitals of Culture (ECC). Austria has twice been part of the project  – Graz was ECC in 2003, and Linz in 2009.


Hanna has decided to share the Austrian experience in the application of Veliko Tarnovo 2019. Her findings, results and conclusions from the research are at the disposal of the Old Bulgarian Capital. According to her, the chances of Veliko Tarnovo are great, as the city has great untapped potential. Hannah was impressed by the fact that application of Veliko Tarnovo is not focused on all the objects related to the history of the city and is focused on organizing various events to attract young people from around the world.


She is visiting VT to present the European project for the conservation of cultural heritage. A team of leading experts from three universities in Germany and Austria are gathered here for the initiative called  “Cult tour – cultural (garden) heritage as a focal point for sustainable tourism “. A total of three green areas / gardens are included in the project – a 16-century Baroque garden in Sibiu, Romania; a park in Alexadroupolis, Greece, built in 1960 and restored 20 years later; and the Asenevtsi Monument and the belonging green space called Boruna.

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