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Veliko Tarnovo
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Veliko Tarnovo agricultural show 2018 – featuring traditional Bulgarian cusine

Old Bulgarian recipes with sheep’s milk, cheese and meat will be cooked for the visitors of the forthcoming Seventh National Festival of Sheep Breeders in Bulgaria. From 11th to 13th May near the Petropavlovski Monastery (just 10 km from Veliko Tarnovo) the forgotten taste of folk cuisine will be shown by amateurs from different parts of the country.

Preslav’s stew with sheep’s meat and onions, liver surma of Dobrudzha, meal with peppers and fresh milk and milky banitsa will be part of the dishes from the Dobrudzha region, and the dishes from northwest Bulgaria will be baked round banitsa with cheese, turlashka biscuit pie and bell muzh. Among the specialties of Northern Bulgaria will be northern liver surma, milky banitsa, milk pancake with noodles from Gorna Oryahovitsa, stew with onion and sheep meat. Stuffed cheese, buttermilk whipped, sheep cheese potato dish, Rhodope wedge with milk and cheese and milk skewer with traditional spices will present the delicious Rhodope cuisine. All recipes in the three-day culinary show “In Search of the Lost Taste” will be made entirely with sheep products from the nearby farms of the region of Veliko Tarnovo.

With the help of very famous Bulgarian chef, a boning competition will take place in the meeting, which, together with the farm milking contests, hand-cutting of sheep and hauling of horse loads, are among the biggest attractions of the gathering.

Over 200 exhibitors from all over the country – farmers, producers of meat and dairy products, companies with agricultural machinery, equipment and bio food producers will participate in the event. Over 16 breeds of sheep, 8 breeds of dairy goats, shepherd dogs, horses, donkeys, etc. will be shown. 30 livestock farmers from all over the country processing their own milk will participate in the exhibition of sheep and goat’s milk products and in the direct sales area.

At the Seventh National Festival of Sheep Breeders there will be also an organic market, exhibitions of crafts, museum expositions, lots of folklore, barbecue, choreographies and many more attractions for all farmers and visitors.


The meeting is organized by the National Sheep and Goat Association, with the assistance of the Ministry of agriculture, food and forests of the Republic of Bulgaria and the support of the municipalities Veliko Tarnovo, Lyaskovets and Gorna Oryahovitsa.

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