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Veliko Tarnovo holiday homes
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Veliko Tarnovo holiday homes mania in the old capital, creating high demand for houses in proximity to the town

More and more people are looking for Veliko Tarnovo holiday homes in the villa zone of Debelets, Malki Chiflik and Belyakovets.


A big increase in the construction of villas and guest houses is registered in Veliko Tarnovo and practically entire villages such as Belyakovets have already joined with the district centre. The interest is great and between 5 to 10 building permits per month are approved by the main architect. Most of which are the demand for the villa zones of Debelets, Belyakovets and Malki Chiflik. In these villages are also the most expensive prices, as well as the most frequent requests for change of the purpose of the land to make it suitable for building a real estate.

An absolute hit is currently the popular area of “Pod Baira” in Debelets. It is differentiated as a villa zone and is approved by the town development plan for construction of “second home” houses. According to some estate agencies there are already deals for 50 euros per square meter for the most panoramic places, which reveal a wonderful view of Hainboaz and Stara Planina. Prices have risen in recent years after the Veliko Tarnovo municipality has made the road to Debelets through Cholakovtsi neigbourhood. In the area, which is near pine forests, several very attractive and expensive houses have already been built.

Belyakovets village is almost becoming one with Veliko Tarnovo, as all the plots of the most picturesque southern zones of the village in the direction of the old capital have been with changed purpose. More than 200,000 sqm of land close to the road to the town of Veliko Tarnovo are for sale now, and the prices are reasonable, despite the proximity to the central cemetery of the town.  People prefer peace and quiet, and that attracts them to this area. Absolute hit is also the village of Malki Chiflik because of its proximity to Veliko Tarnovo and excellent communications. 30 new houses have been built for the last few years in the village. According to the mayor, the village near the old capital has a total of 130 houses.

In these new villas, the technology of prefabricated houses is becoming more and more popular. The price of such a property of about 120 square meters without the value of the land starts at 30,000 leva.

Looking for a Veliko Tarnovo holiday homes in these villages? Here some good properties to pay attention to.

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