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Veliko Tarnovo region
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New attractive tourist sights in Veliko Tarnovo region

The Roman water catchment and deep cave near Musina village are the newest touristic attraction in Veliko Tarnovo region

New signs for the Roman water catchment and the Musinska Cave were placed a few days ago on the road between Veliko Tarnovo and Pavlikeni. This is a way to make the sites popular among the tourists.

The impressive construction of the aqueduct was probably built at the beginning of the 2nd century AD and the water pipe to Nicopolis ad Istrum leaves. The facility has long been known for science, but excavation has not yet been done. The catchment itself is located within the village limits, in front of the entrance to the Musinska Cave, from which one of the cleanest and lightest waters in the Pavlikeni area flows. The capture, which is about 1900 years old, still works, and it flows clear and strong water.

Pavilions, benches, recreation areas and picnics will attract tourists in this area. Over 5,000 leva are given for the shaping of park areas, arbours, places for recreation and picnics near the famous Musinska Cave and Salt Farm, as well as to the area of ​​Ponorite, from where the road to the Lower Land starts.

In the past few years Musina village has begun to develop and more and more tourists come to explore local attractions. There are already several guest houses. Musina is a village with a fairly wondrous story, known for its locals taking care of Asen and Peter’s hives. Here every year is celebrated with festivals the day of the beekeeper.


According to one old legend, the Lower Land path begins here. The gate to the grave is a 30-meter gap, which is located in the southern part of the village. This is the legend that has been transmitted from mouth to mouth among local people for decades. Trust was born because of two mysterious holes standing at the bottom of the abyss. They can be reached by a metal ladder. According to locals, since ancient times, there is a belief that henceforth it reaches the lower land or the kingdom of the dead.

Speleologists say that if the main cave near Musina, which is 382 meters long and fully studied and mapped, is carved out, one can find a real labyrinth of underground galleries.

The Veliko Tarnovo region is very rich of such an amazing tourist sights and attraction.

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