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More and more Russians are coming to Bulgaria

House KeyIt is not a secret to anyone that during recent years Russian buyers’ interest in acquiring properties in Bulgaria has heightened. Even the Ukrainian crisis is not affecting this trend. There is one change though but it is a positive one – until the end of last year people in the age range between 55 and 65 years were the most active participants on the property market. In the general case they wanted to find a home in the sunny country to spend their days when they retire. But the tendency has turned. There are now enquires from young families and potential buyer between 25 and 35. These are predominantly owners of small scale businesses like shops, restaurants and small family run enterprises who are looking to develop the same kind of activity in Bulgaria. There is also one more change and it is that Russians are no longer looking only for cheap properties – they are now willing to spend between 25 000 and 45 000 euro.

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