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The villages in Veliko Tarnovo region – magnet for homebuyers

The villages are appealing with the peace and tranquillity they provide

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Malki chiflik

The renewed growing tendency of people buying houses in the villages of Belyakovets and Malki Chiflik is taking hold of other nearby villages like Shemshevo and Prisovo. Villages in Veliko Tarnovo regions draw like magnets wealthier buyersand not only them. The unique charm of the villages and their peace and tranquillity are tempting to future home owners. Once part of the local community people quickly fall in love with the enchanting Bulgarian settlements. They even start contributing towards the better image of their village – fixing side walks, doing some voluntary gardening or donating small sums to local churches and landmarks.

The so-called villa zone of Malki Chiflik is now greater than the village itself. The houses in the village are around 170, and the ones in the villa zone – 200. This area is very attractive; the number of applications for building permits is growing with each day. The urban plan for development of Veliko Tarnovo envisions an expansion of the town in the direction of the village. Due to the increased interest house prices are now exceeding 20 – 25,000 euro.

According to the mayor of Malki Chiflik the influx of young people in the village is on the rise. Last year alone saw 30 new families joining the village. The settlement is expanding to the west and east; the newly built-up areas are water and electricity supplied and new streets are being traced. A couple of small family run hotels have been built recently. Asking prices for 2-storey houses start at 20,000 euro. Of course if you are interested in luxury properties you have to set aside at least 45,000 euro. The Mayor also said that access to the village is quicker and easier than to some of the outlying neighbourhoods. According to him it is probably cheaper to build a new house in the village than buying an apartment in town.

The other villages in the region are also highly sought after from Bulgarians and foreigners alike. People who would like to escape the hustle and bustle of big cities are sure to find the peacefulness and serenity they are looking for.

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