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Sofia film fest
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Sofia Film Fest is coming to Veliko Tarnovo from April 8 to 10

Sofia Film Fest is coming to Veliko Tarnovo from April 8 to 10. The team of the festival and the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo invite the residents and guests of the city to the 11th edition – value cinema with selected films for cinema lovers. Within 3 days in the Great Hall of the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo will be presented six of the most intriguing festival films of the past year.


April 8, 2022, Friday

18.00 – “FISHBONE”, 105 min, director Dragomir Sholev – The plot of this movie follows the dramatic nine stories, reflected in the eye of a dying dolphin, accidentally found on the beach. 9 situations in which people are pressured to react, but they are confused, scared, each immersed in their worries and problems. 9 perspectives on an absurd world where people are like a dying dolphin – and no one knows how to take care of it

20.30 – “THE MAN WHO SOLD HIS SKIN”, 104 min, directed by Mariam Tuzani – This film is inspired by a real event from the recent 2007, when a Belgian artist creates a work of art on the skin of an ordinary person, equating it with a museum object. Seeking refuge from the civil war in his homeland, the young Syrian Sam Ali finds himself in Lebanon, where a world-renowned artist buys the right to use it as a living canvas for his latest art provocation. With an enlarged Schengen visa on his back, Sam no longer has a problem crossing the checkpoints, but the invisible prison he finds himself in is more inaccessible than the most heavily guarded dungeons.

April 9, 2022, Saturday

18.00 – “HOW I LEARNED TO FLY”, 85 min, directed by Radivoje Andrić – This film carries the message that the younger generation will rebuild the bridges of friendship and even family ties, unwaveringly based on trust and love.

20.00 – “Knights of Justice”, 116 min, directed by Anders Thomas Jensen – This film provokes therapeutic laughter and delight not only because of the bizarre situations in which the characters find themselves, but also because of the gradual disclosure of their personal obsessions. Everyone has their own conspiracy theory about the world, themselves, relatives, friends. Whatever happens, nothing can stop him. Isn’t this a snapshot of our world today?

April 10, 2022, Sunday

18.00 – “BRIGHTON 4”, 95 min – Levan Koguashvili’s new film tells the story of a father, a former wrestler who travels from Tbilisi to Brighton Beach in New York to help his son get into trouble with loans and mobsters. This is the story of a father and son who gradually rediscover truths about each other and find themselves in the strange microcosm of Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, where they will learn about the lives of immigrants and “real America”.

20.00 – “DARKNESS”, 108 min, director Dusan Milic, trailer (both films will be presented by their Bulgarian co-producer Stefan Kitanov) – an influential psychological thriller, the story being directly related to the aftermath of the Kosovo war, but with its conventionality and metaphorically, the story acquires a universal sound. Somewhere in the mountains of Kosovo, in a property surrounded by dense forest, Milica lives with her mother and grandfather. When the sun goes down, the family barricades themselves in the house, frightened by the horrors heard in the forest. Is the fear in the besieged house an echo of the war or is it the imagination of the inhabitants, despite the presence of international security forces in the region?

The price of a single ticket is BGN 4, ticket for two films – BGN 7, tickets for more than 2 films – BGN 3 per screening.

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