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Veliko Tranovo houses are not like this
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20+Funny construction failures from around the world, but not in Veliko Tarnovo houses

It’s Friday, so it’s time for some fun. Let us show you what not to do when you are building your new home or to be sure that the architect won’t fail you, just choose one of the plenty ready to move in Veliko Tarnovo houses 🙂

  You need to change your landscaperVeliko Tarnovo houses

Staircase to heaven

Easier than taking the steps 🙂

No door but at least you have a lamp at the terrace

Mind your head

Free night lamp

When you have the need, but the space is not enough




Emergency exit, just jump and roll over

Thinking out of the box!


 Someone had made some wrong measurements…


 Maybe next time the builders will figure it out

Who needs a door when you have a window



No entrance

Central heating is always important

 Just 2 steps…

You said you want a balcony, you didn’t mention that you wanted access to it…

Which way to choose?                                                                                                                                            Big Tetris end game

Veliko Tarnovo houses

The view is important

Water and electricity supplied, just don’t use them at the same time

Save a tree – park on the street

Steps to nowhere

Close neighbours…  could be worse…


Always think twice when you are doing some renovation or when you are building something! Here are just a few examples of great Veliko Tarnovo houses from which you can take some good ideas for how things should be done the right way.

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