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Bulgarian folklore celebrations near the Peter and Paul Monastery


Petropavlovski Monastery

Over 4,000 participants will gather near the Peter and Paul Monastery, close to Veliko Tarnovo, for celebrations dedicated to Bulgarian folklore. The Petropavlovski convention is probably the largest folklore event in northern Bulgaria with representatives from all ethnographic regions in Bulgaria attending it. The gathering will be held this Saturday and Sunday (27 and 28 June) on the eve of the widely celebrated in Bulgaria Petrovden.

Two scenes will be set up which will host the performances of all the dancers, musicians and artist representing Bulgarian folklore at its finest. There will also be international participation from Serbia, Greece, Slovakia, Montenegro and Georgia. The convention will be officially opened at 11.30 on Saturday, 27th June but performances during both days will start form 9 am. The oldest participant this year is 84 years old, while the youngest is just four.

More than 200 groups, 70 individual performers, 13 duets, 5 trios and 1 quartet will present their skills. They will be judged by a special commission and at the end of each day the jury will determine the best participants, who will receive the title of laureate. For the first time the jury will determine 3 participants, who will be awarded with the special prizes of the Mayors of Veliko Tarnovo, Gorna Oryahovitsa and Lyaskovets.

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