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Celebrate Enyovden at the Samovodska Charshia in Veliko Tarnovo
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Celebrate Enyovden at the Samovodska Charshia in Veliko Tarnovo

For the eighteenth time, residents and guests of Veliko Tarnovo can celebrate Enyovden a.k.a. Midsummer’s Day. The Day of the summer solstice, medicinal herbs and ancient magical rituals will be celebrated with the holiday “Enyovden at the Samovodska Charshia” on June 24. The events for the Day of the Summer Solstice are organized by the Municipal Tourist Agency “Tsarevgrad Tarnov” and promise to immerse those present in the magical rites and rituals of the holiday.

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Off-road safari with buggies, ATVs and Jeeps on the hills of Arbanasi is the newest local attraction
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Off-road safari with buggies, ATVs and Jeeps on the hills of Arbanasi is the newest local attraction

A fun, unusual for the region and very addictive adventure on the hills of Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanasi is offered by Damyan Stefanov. The young man organises off-road safaris on different routes. But rest assured that all of them take tourists to breathtaking views of the old Bulgarian capital and Arbanasi.

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"Virus on-line festival" first ever online festival in Bulgaria
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“Virus on-line festival” first ever online festival in Bulgaria

Born in a time of crisis, the brand new Virus on-line festival is proof that any negative situation carries an unsuspected positive charge. The Virus on-line Festival platform will enable many independent artists, musicians, authors, dancers, and all people with talent and creative energy to showcase the best of themselves. The rest can just watch and have fun. In both cases we will be part of the festival. This is part of the message of the first ever online festival in Bulgaria, which as the name suggests will take place entirely online!

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Veliko Tarnovo Watermelon Festival
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Watermelon Festival near Veliko Tarnovo– eating contest, body art, bowling and more

The 7th emblematic for the summer season – Watermelon Festival, which is traditionally held in the village of Nikyup near Veliko Tarnovo, is coming. The Watermelon Festival will take place on August 4.


Every year guests from all over the country come here. The festival is accompanied by a lot of music and dancing people. Every year, guests have the opportunity to enjoy an exhibition of local and visiting watermelon producers, a procession with watermelon lanterns, carving demonstrations and so on. The organizers also plan to have a watermelon eating contest and many other surprises. Besides the carving demonstrations, there will be also body art painting and many games.  Some of the games include rolling watermelons, guessing their weight and colour and bowling with watermelons. The village of Nikyup is known for growing high-quality local watermelons – sweet and with a thin peel.

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Veliko Tarnovo
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Luxury cinema will open in Veliko Tarnovo this autumn

Luxury cinema will return the shine of the Iskra community centre in Veliko Tarnovo.

Four luxury cinema halls will be featured in the newest cinema, which will opens doors at the Iskra Chitalishte in Veliko Tarnovo on the 5th of October. Hall 1 will be the largest screen in the city with an impressive 12 meters wide and 5 meters high. Investors promise the highest quality picture and sound, betting on 4K technique, which is the future of cinema. There will be also a rich movie program as well as 3D screenings. Continue Reading