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The craft festival “Night of the Samovodska charshiya” – entertainment in Veliko Tarnovo for young and old

The twelfth edition of the “Night of the Samovodska charshiya and Festival of Crafts” will be held between 20-24.09

Over the years, the event has established itself as an invariable part of the cultural calendar of the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo.
In order to turn it into a real colorful holiday and delight the residents and guests of the city, the program foresees many events every day. And more than 60 participants from all over the country will contribute to the good mood with their wonderful handmade goods. Cant miss this entertainment in Veliko Tarnovo.

During the festival, you will be able to meet various exhibitors presenting Bulgarian traditional crafts, organic products, jewelry and others. They will be located around AEK “Samovodska charshiya” – on “Georgi Sava Rakovski” and “Georgi Mamarchev” streets. Some of the exhibitors will also offer workshops for children and adult. Such as making soaps, candles, jewelry and painting with different materials, making mosaics, and everyone can be painted with henna.

Every day between 12:00 and 20:00 the Wine Tasting Center will host free tastings of wines. The wines will be from the region under the title “Romance in a glass of wine”. In the intervals between 11:00 and 14:00 and 16:00 and 19:00, enthusiasts can roll up their sleeves, pick up the rolling pin and join the culinary workshop “Grandma Kalina’s Noodles”.

For the smallest visitors, many fun surprises are prepared by the organizators

On the very first day 20.09, the “Vesel” theater will present the puppet show “The Fisherman and the Golden Fish”. On September 21 and 22, there will be interactive shows with soap bubbles on the “Samovodska charshiya” square. And on September 22 there will be the interactive show “Foam Party”. Every day, visitors’ spirits will be lifted by stilt artists and other street performers who will tour the bazaar.

ntertainment in Veliko Tarnovo

Traditionally, each of the evenings will end with a glowing and magical fire show. Which often takes the audience’s breath away.

The evening concert program will be equally interesting and exciting. Also the festival will offer musical entertainment in Veliko Tarnovo. Great musical performances in various musical styles such as pop, funk, rock and ethnorock will entertain the visitors.

Samovodska charshiya is a picturesque street in Veliko Tarnovo with Revival architecture

veliko tarnovo

It was created in the middle of the 19th century. Farmers sell their produce on the new street. These are mostly farmers from the surrounding villages – Samovodene, Dichin and others. Craft shops, workshops and inns have sprung up over the years. The inn of Hadji Nikoli still stands on the street today.

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