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The new cinema Kinoplois in Veliko Tarnovo will open on February 23rd
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The new cinema Kinoplois in Veliko Tarnovo will open on February 23rd

The official opening of the new cinema in the Iskra Chitalishte in Veliko Tarnovo will take place on February 23rd. The first screenings will be on that day.

The finishing works are being done to the cinema right now. The lobby is almost done and its architecture will be preserved in its original form. The cinema will feature four modern halls on two floors, all equally comfortable for lovers of the seventh art. The largest hall has 81 seats, the second largest lounge is 40, and the other two are 33 and 23 seats.

The initial plans for Kinopolis Veliko Tarnovo were for the cinema to open in the autumn of last year, but the repair work turned out to be more serious than it was first expected. A complete roof repair needed to be done, as well as replacement of the water and electricity installations. The facade is also completely cleaned and refreshed to bring back the brilliance of the stone with which the building is lined. The owners of the cinema promise a variety of films and many premieres of Bulgarian films.

The history of the Iskra Chitalishte is very interesting, and the last screenings there were more than 25 years ago. The Iskra Chitalishte was founded on 28.12.1896 by the teachers in a local school – Georgi Nedyalkov, Maria Chukova and Emanuil Petrov. The money for the building was donated by the people of Veliko Tarnovo, and the Iskra Chitalishte was opened in 1929. Later, the old building, known as the Iskra Cinema, was built. In May 1970 the Chitalishte entered a new building, located next to the old one.

It is admirable that the owners of the new cinema Kinopolis decided to restore this historic for Veliko Tarnovo building. So when you go watch a movie in the new cinema just remember you are surrounded by a piece of the city’s history.

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