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Veliko Tarnovo event – The legend of Ivaylo – 8-11.06.2023

The brave heart of Medieval Bulgaria returns to Tsarevets fortress in Veliko Tarnovo.

entertaiment in veliko tarnovo

This Veliko Tarnovo event is part of the eighth edition of the International Festival of Historical Reenactments “Medieval Tarnovgrad”. There will be recreations of The Tatar invasions and battles of the 60s and 70s of the XIII century, the vicissitudes in the life of the “people’s” king and his death.

What you will see in this Veliko Tarnovo event

At the festival will be shown interesting moments of the everyday life, cuisine, crafts, arts and military skills of Bulgaria, Byzantium and Europe during the Middle Ages. Period clothing will be displayed in Eastern and Western camp re-enactments.

The skillful hands of the reenactors will revive forgotten crafts such as calligraphy, icon painting, candle making, coining, paper making, leather working, pottery, blacksmithing practices, jewelry and weapon making.

People will enjoy culinary competitions, a demonstration of medieval cooking and the secret of spices and the magical drink – mead. Armor made according to ancient patterns will protect brave men in hand-to-hand combat, single combat, war games and tournaments. Visitors to this Veliko Tarnovo event will be able to see a review of medieval fashion and be entertained by a puppet show for young and old, evening concerts and a fire show.

Participants in this Veliko Tarnovo festival

The national societies “Tradition” from Shumen and Panagyurishte, Association for Historical Reconstructions “Chigot” – Varna, Medieval Society MODVS VIVENDI – Sofia, SIV “Filipopol”, Workshop “Technitar”, Historical Fencing Group HEMA – Sofia, the musicians from “Flying Nomads”, “Xana” and “Truverii” (Romania) and free reenactors.

events in veliko tarnovo

Guests from abroad will be the Romanian groups “Brown Bear” – Bucharest and “Drakoni” – Brasov, “White Eagles” group – Belgrade, Serbia, “Historia Bari” – Taranto, Italy and the Greek group “Protospartarii”. included Slovak historical re-enactment group “Velikotarnovci” and The Ottomans (Turkey).

Organisers of the International Festival “Medieval Tarnovgrad: The Village King The Ascension” are “Tarnovtsi” SNC, the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo and the Regional History Museum and is part of the Cultural Calendar for the year 2023 of the old capital.

things to do in veliko tarnovo

The accsses to events at the Tsarevets fortress is free, you have to pay only the entrance fee for the architectural museum-reserve. Admission is free to the evening concerts from 19:00 on June 9 and 10.

The official opening of the International Festival of Historical Reenactments will be on June 9 at 10:00 a.m. at Tsar Asen I Square in front of Tsarevets Fortress.

Veliko Tarnovo festival


Program June 8 – 11, 2023 Tsarevets Fortress, Veliko Tarnovo

June 8 (Thursday) 10:00-16:00 “Unknown Tarnovgrad” – Pilgrimage to the Holy Landmarks of Staro Tarnovo

June 9 (Friday) ) 10:00 Official opening of the festival – Tsar Asen I Square

10:00-17:00 Reconstruction demonstrations of crafts, life and traditions, archery

11:00-14:00 Culinary competition – demonstration of medieval cuisine

11: 30 “The Secret of Spices” – presented by Aleko Nakov

12:00 “The Late Medieval Balkans” – presented by Prof. Dr. Kalin Yordanov

16:00 “Rebellion” – reenactment of the events that led to the uprising of Ivaylo

17:00 “History of Medieval Weapons ” – presentation and combat demonstrations

19:00-22:00 Concert of Ana Creanga (Romania), the groups “Flying Nomads”, “Xana” and “Truverii” (Romania), fire show /free entry/

June 10 (Saturday) 10 :00-17:00 Reconstruction demonstrations of crafts, life and traditions, archery

10:00 “Beautiful fight” – tournament, fighting games

11:30 “Do we know history” – quiz

12:00 “The unknown despot Alex Prof. Dr. Kalin Yordanov presents

12:30 “Magic with iron”, blacksmithing practices – Workshop “Technitar”

13:00 “Magic drink” – presents Zdravko Peev

15:30 Puppet theater for young and old – Nadezhda Nikolova

16:00 “Victory” – a reenactment of the battle between the troops of King Constantine Asen-Tichus and Ivaylo and his reception in Tarnovo

17:00 Medieval fencing – HEMA

18:00 “Bolyar fashion” – revue

19:00-22:00 Concert by Ana Creanga ( Romania), groups “Flying Nomads”, “Xana” and “Truverii” (Romania), fire show /free entry/

June 11 (Sunday) 10:00-13:00 Reconstruction demonstrations of crafts, life and traditions, archery

11:00 Combat games, demonstration of combat practices and techniques

12:00 “Legend” – theatrical performance of MDT “Konstantin Kisimov”, Veliko Tarnovo

13:00 Closing of the festival

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