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Bulgaria is the only East European country appealing to British buyers

vtBulgaria emerged as the only East European country to make its way to the shortlist, comprising the most preferred destinations for UK citizens to buy property in. Britons who are interested in buying abroad are more likely to head to Spain rather to their traditional destination France. The data was published in a representative survey conducted by a leading real estate agency.

The analysis shows that 51% of those who intend to acquire property abroad will nonetheless remain UK citizens, one-third will emigrate in a quest of a better future and 13% will buy with the aim of long term investments in mind. Some of the reasons behind those purchases are better weather, life with less stress, fewer expenses and the prospect of a better place for starting a family.

Despite the fact that Spain is the most likely place of choice for Britons as for buying for investment, France is preferred for emigration. Bulgaria it the only East European country that made it to Top 10 in the survey concerning many different aspects – Bulgaria is the 10th most preferred destination for Britons to emigrate to and holds 5th place in the list of countries in which British citizens have made biggest property investments, overtaking France, Italy and Greece.

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