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Board Game Festival in Mall Veliko Tarnovo - fun for all
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Board Game Festival in Mall Veliko Tarnovo – fun for all

Board games can be just as intriguing and entertaining as online games. On February 23rd and 24th, you can see this for yourself on the third Board Game Festival “Nastolen Grad” in Mall Veliko Tarnovo. This year’s event will be even bigger than last years’ – the festival will be hosting game creators, there will be a fantasy quiz and many more surprises.

The festival is specially designed to be of interest to all, starting from those visitors who do not know anything about board games, to those who know a little about them and to the maniacs on the topic. Advanced players and board game-lovers will be able to battle wits in different board games and titles. The festival is the best place to discover the magic of the world of board games and who knows you might even discover your new hobby and passion. Board games are one of the best ways to socialize with family and friends and to have fun too of course. 

The festival zones will be located on floor 0 and floor 3 of the Mall. The Mall is in Kolyo Ficheto neighbourhood on 18 Oborishte street. The “Nastolen Grad” festival is organized with the main purpose of spreading board games, as well as social and role-playing games as a form of entertainment and communication, encouraging non-aggressive competitive spirit and cooperation. Organizers of the event are “Da Igraem” Foundation and Mall Veliko Tarnovo. 

So if you have nothing to do this weekend you should definitely check out the board game festival. It is guaranteed you will have some fun, meet new people and maybe even make some new friends. Admission to the festival is completely free.


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