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Luxury property market in Veliko Tarnovo is on the rise

blogThere is a stir on the high end property market in Veliko Tarnovo. Currently there is an increased interest for real estates located in the Old Part, the central area and the outskirts of the town. More than 35 luxury houses with prices starting at 150,000 euro are on the market at the moment. A mansion with total living area of 447 sqm and asking price of 250,000 euro in Arbanassi is one of the top priced propertis at the moment. A 3-story building part of the Samovodskata Charshia architecture complex next to the Emiliyan Stanev Museum is also for sale at 176,200 euro. 220,000 euro is the price for another delightfull property at the beginnig of Varusha quarter.

The center, the Old Part, and Kartala and Asenov quarters are apparantly the most sought after. According to real estate agents there is a distinctive interest in those locations. One of the listings on the market is for two properties on top of Varusha for 150,000 each; although it hard to reach the views that are revealed from there are stunning and probably the best in town. Close to the Town Library is another 350 sqm property which rises at 4 stories due to the specific terrain and is being sold at 220,000 euro. For those wanting to savour the peace, tranquility and fresh air of Kartala neighbourhood will have to dig deep in their pockets. Hoses with extras such a garden and pool start from 170,000 euro.

If you want to check some of them you can see an array of luxury properties on our website with the record holder priced at the staggering 530,000 euro

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