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New measure: Closed borders in Bulgaria. See who can enter the country

The health minister issued a temporary ban for foreigners entering Bulgaria

Health Minister Kiril Ananiev issued an order temporarily prohibiting the entry of foreigners into Bulgaria.

Bulgaria Health Minister

It states: “The entry into the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria of all third-country nationalities, through all border crossings, by air, sea, rail and road is temporarily prohibited .”

The minister also prohibits the entry of people, irrespective of their nationality, arriving from Italy, Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg at all border crossings by air , sea, rail and road transport.

The prohibitions do not apply to Bulgarian citizens and their family members, as well as to foreigners with permanent or long-term residence status in Bulgaria and their families. Exceptions are also introduced for transport, medical professionals, diplomats, border and seasonal farm workers.

The order does not have a deadline for the measure. It also regulates quarantine rules. Stating that everyone entering Bulgaria is quarantined for 14 days at their home or other accommodation where they have indicated that they will reside. During this time, they are not allowed to leave, and if they do not show symptoms of coronavirus within two weeks the quarantine falls. 

You can find the order at the site of the Ministry of Health.

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