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Update on the coronavirus situation in Bulgaria - new app and more

Update on the coronavirus situation in Bulgaria – new mobile app and more

Check out the recent numbers, newly launched mobile app about the coronavirus, potential new measures in Bulgaria and more.

30 new cases of COVID-19 infected in the last 24 hours. Of these, 18 are hospitalized. The total number of infected in Bulgaria is 611. The number of recovered patients is 48. Right now the youngest patient is a 1-year-old and the oldest is 90. This was announced by General Ventsislav Mutafchiiski, Chief of the National Operations Headquarters.

He also said that there is an idea after the Easter holidays to restore the activity of the polyclinics and dental care offices, as well as the activity of hospitals in order to serve patients with other diseases. After Easter, “green corridors” will be released for immunization of children and pregnant women. These ideas are yet to be discussed and planned further.

Another idea that is yet to be discussed is that of the Prime Minister. He has proposed allowing regulated access to parks. By order of the Minister of Health on March 21, the entry and use of parks, gardens, playgrounds and sports grounds is forbidden. The fine for violating this ban is between 300 and 1000 leva for a first violation, and in case of another violation – from 1000 to 2000 leva. So now the Prime Minister Boiko Borisov has instructed the National Operations Headquarters and city mayors to devise a plan for the use of parks , without causing a serious spread of the coronavirus. The key is not to allow a mass gathering of people in one place. For now this is only an idea but hopefully it will be approved soon.

Lastly, the Ministry of Health has launched an app to collect statistics and offer general information about the coronavirus. Users have to introduce their symptoms or note that there are no symptoms if they feel well. The idea is for the user to enter their status information every day or immediately if they feel a change. The ViruSafe menu also contains general information about the coronavirus, a summary of the terms and conditions of use, and more. 

The original description of the app in its Google Play Store account mentions that ViruSafe has other features as well.Such as an opportunity to track on a map where and how many infected users are in the country at the moment. Also, through ViruSafe, the user can share their location and receive alerts if they have been too close to another user with symptoms. At the moment, these features do not seem to be available, and more regular users may need to be accumulated to generate enough statistical information. 

VirusSafe has a menu with detailed information about the coronavirus, including prevention tips, guidelines for when to do a COVID-19 test, and more. This app was developed by ScaleFocus and is free of charge. It is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices. It is expected to appear on the Apple App Store soon.

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