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Wearing masks in indoor public places in Bulgaria is mandatory again

Wearing a face mask in Bulgaria is mandatory from April 12th

Citizens of Bulgaria have to wear face masks in public places from April 12th to April 26th.

All citizens, when in indoor or outdoor public places (including public transport, shopping facilities, parks, churches, monasteries, streets, bus stops, etc.), are obliged to have on a disposable or reusable face mask or any other means covering their nose and mouth (including a towel, scarf, etc.). All places and spaces that are freely accessible and / or intended for public use are also considered public. This also applies to places where public services are provided. The order was issued by the Health Minister of Bulgaria and enters into force from April 12 to April 26.

Important update: Face masks are not mandatory in Bulgaria

For the last 24 hours there are 7 new cases of COVID-19 in Bulgaria. Six of them have been admitted to a hospital for treatment. This makes the total number of infected in Bulgaria 676. Out of all the infected people, 230 are hospitalized, with 36 of them in intensive care. A total of 71 people have been cured for now. The total number of deaths by COVID-19 is 31. The National Operations Headquarters asks all citizens to strictly comply with restrictions for social distance and to leave their homes only when absolutely necessary.

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