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More than 4 km of water pipes in the Old Part of Veliko Tarnovo will be replaced
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More than 4 km of water pipes in the Old Part of Veliko Tarnovo will be replaced

The Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo will be replacing the water supply and sewage pipes on 20 of the old streets around the Samovodska Charshia and the main tourist routes. The project is divided into three stages and has a total value of 1.6 million leva. What is more, money has been provided for the restoration of the authentic stone pavements in the Varusha neighbourhood. Some of them have been laid more than a century ago.

The mayor’s office has already announced the start of the procedure for the selection of a contractor. Offers will be accepted until January 21st and the actual works could start in the spring. The first stage of the renovations includes the streets Buzludzha, Kolyu Gaitandzhiyata, Kapitan Petko Voyvoda, Dr Hristo Daskalov, Nikola Strandzhata and Rodolubets. The second stage will be of the streets Bratya Miladinovi, Pobornicheska, Shipka, Nikola Zlatarski, Stefan Karadzha, Rezervoarska, Panayot Tipografov. And finally, the third stage includes the streets Yantra, Todor Lefterov, Ivan Panov Semerdzhiev, Evgeniya Kisimova, Ivanka Boteva, Gotse Delchev and Mihail Kefalov.

The project is infrastructural and envisages major renovation of part of the water supply network with a total length of 4462 m of high-density polyethylene pipes. Those type of pipes were chosen because of the lack of corrosion and deposits, their high mechanical strength, higher throughput and fast installation. They will minimise the water loss in the water supply network and will ensure high-quality water supply. After the water and sewage pipes are changed, the pavement will be reconstructed as well. The pavement reconstruction will receive separate funding.

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