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New cadastral map of Pavlikeni, Nikyup, Hotnitsa, Balvan and Vetrintsi
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New cadastral map of Pavlikeni, Nikyup, Hotnitsa, Balvan and Vetrintsi

New cadastral map and cadastral registers of the urbanized territories of the 5 settlements in the Veliko Tarnovo region will be made.

Information will be collected about the villages of Balvan, Vetrintsi, Nikyup and Hotnitsa and the town of Pavlikeni. For this purpose, it is necessary for property owners to provide copies of their ownership documents. Citizens have 3 options for providing their documents and the term is from March 15 to April 2, 2021. The papers will be accepted in open receptions in the respective mayoralties. The documents can also be submitted electronically at and The third option is to hand them in at the Cadastre Office in Veliko Tarnovo.

Copies of the title deed or any other document proving ownership is required. Data on the administrative address of the property and copies of architectural designs for condominium buildings must be provided as well. There are no sanctions for non-compliance with the obligation of the owners to submit copies of their documents. The process of creating the cadastral map and registers is free for citizens. For any questions make sure to contact the Geodesy, cartography and cadastre agency.

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