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Growth in construction in the region
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For all company-owned properties – changes in electrical suppliers

From last year all commercial users had to register on the free electrical market. This change affected not only different manufacturers, producers, etc. but also companies that have no activity, including companies which have been formed to hold property ownership.

There are two rates for electricity – commercial and residential. The price of commercial electricity varies and is much higher than that of residential electricity. For all company-owned property, Energo Pro would automatically assign the commercial rate. However, there is a way to pay the residential rate:

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The registration of wells in Bulgaria has been postponed due to the pandemic
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The registration of wells in Bulgaria will be extended due to the pandemic

The registration of wells, boreholes and other groundwater facilities in private properties will be extended due to the pandemic. The aim is to avoid the movement and collection of people in front of the counters of the basin directorates. Initially, the deadline was November 27th 2020 but the parliament adopted the decision to extend the deadline to November 28th 2022 at a first reading today.

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