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The registration of wells in Bulgaria has been postponed due to the pandemic
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The registration of wells in Bulgaria will be extended due to the pandemic

The registration of wells, boreholes and other groundwater facilities in private properties will be extended due to the pandemic. The aim is to avoid the movement and collection of people in front of the counters of the basin directorates. Initially, the deadline was November 27th 2020 but the parliament adopted the decision to extend the deadline to November 28th 2022 at a first reading today.

The requirement is for people to register groundwater facilities in their properties – wells, boreholes, gerans, captured springs, drainages and so on, to stop the practice of using free water for business purposes. It is allowed to use up to 10 cubic meters for household purposes per day, and if the amount is larger the owners will have to pay. In order to detect the use, the installation of water meters is envisaged.

Owners have to submit an application to the basin directorate. It contains data about the land property – identifier, notary deed, sketch, address, permanent purpose, way of use, geographical coordinates, purpose of water, etc. The document can be downloaded from the Basin Directorate website. The documents are sent by courier or post to the directorate or submitted on the spot. There is also the option to send them online but only if they are signed with a valid electronic signature.

Keep in mind that you have to submit the documents to your local basin directorate. There are a total of 4 Basin directorates which you can see in the table below taken from the site of the Ministry of Environment and Water. For example, property owners in the Veliko Tarnovo region must register with the Danube Region Basin Directorate in the city of Pleven.

“West Aegean region” – Blagoevgrad – Blvd. St. Dimitar Solunski, № 66, P.C. 441Momchil Pashov073/8 94
“Black Sea region” – Varna – Al. Dyakovich street № 33Eng. Desislava Konsulova052/631
“Danube region” – Pleven – Chataldja Street № 60, P.C. 1237Eng. Petar Dimitrov064/885
“East Aegean region” – Plovdiv – Yanko Sakazov Street № 35Vasilka Chopkova032/604

Information taken from the site of the Ministry of Environment and Water

If after the end of the extended period owners of groundwater facilities have not registered them, they will have to be liquidated at the expense of their owner, who also bears criminal liability.

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