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The Inns of Veliko Tarnovo

hadjInns (han from Turkish) hold a special place in the architectural appearance and economic life of Old Tarnovo. In the distant past, besides for accommodation of passengers, they served as warehouses for expensive manufactured goods and workshops of craftsmen. Some of them had cafes, too.


By the middle of 19th century,  inns gradually began to dominate over other civil structures, demonstrating the wealth of their owners. They are no longer wooden and unstable buildings without special architectural value, rather shaping up as massive buildings with wrought-iron doors, windows and shutters, and richly decorated façades.

By 1877, there were about 60 inns in Veliko Tarnovo and by the end of 19th century their number reached 71. Some of the more popular inns are – Stambolov, Dryanovski, Abadzhiyski, Kozhuharski, Chifutski, Arnautski, Tekirzaliyski, Hadji Davidov, Varbanov, Yonoolu’s Inn, Byala Bona, Hadji Nikoli, Batak Inn, etc.


See more: Hadji Nikoli Inn

Oft times inns were named after their owners or tenders. Some inns continued to exist in the first years of the 20th century. The only standing inn Veliko Tarnovo is Han Hadji Nikoli.

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