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Veliko Tarnovo continues to attract cultural tourists

479,471 visited the museums and various cultural sites in Veliko Tarnovo in 2013, according to statistics of the Regional Museum of History. This marks a 44.8% increase in tourist numbers compared to 2012.


Veliko Tarnovo continues to be a leading town in Bulgaria for cultural tourism, with steady trend of growing interest in the cultural and historical heritage.


Traditionally, the most visited site in the old capital remain the Tsarevets Fortress, which has been visited by 243,230 people in 2013.


Among the other most visited museum objects in Veliko Tarnovo are the churches in the Asenov QuarterSt. Peter and Paul, St 40 martyrs, St. Dimitar and St George, who were visited by 28 999 tourists last year.


The number of foreign tourists has increased by 9 125 in 2013, which makes a total of 140,471 people. There is a notable increase in visitors from Russia, Romania and Germany. Veliko Tarnovo has also welcomed guests from the US, Canada, Japan and China.

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