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1Free internet in six public places in the town of Elena thanks to WiFi4EU
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Free internet in six public places in the town of Elena thanks to WiFi4EU

Residents and guests of the municipality of Elena can now use free high-quality internet in six public places in the town of Elena. This is thanks to the WiFi4EU initiative of the European Commission.

The beautiful town of Elena combines magnificent nature and rich history

Elena Municipality is among the first ranked Bulgarian municipalities – winners in the WiFi4EU Program for free high-speed internet networks in public places. The € 15,000 WiFi4EU voucher includes the cost of equipping and installing Wi-Fi hotspots. The wireless network built in Elena includes twelve access points in the six locations.

Visitors and guests of the town can use the free internet connection in six public places in Elena – Hristo Botev Square on the main street next to the Bakalova House (Ritual House), including the park next to it; Architectural and historical complex “Daskalolivnitsa” (for all sites in it), Chumerna City Stadium and part of Kaleto Park.

Hristo Botev Square, Elena

The picturesque town of Elena has a rich history and many sights to be seen in and near it. During the years it has had a lot of different names including Strumena and Eliana. Interestingly enough, the town’s history can be traced back to 1430. During 18-19 centuries Elena was considered a craft, trade and cultural centre. Evidence of its rich historical past can be found everywhere like in the 129 preserved buildings from the Renaissance era. Speaking of which, the town has 147 preserved cultural monuments, 7 of which of national importance:

  • The birth house of Ilarion Makariopolski
  • The clock tower
  • Daskalovnitsata
  • The church “Saint Nichola”
  • The church “Dormition of the Blessed Virgin” with the bell tower
  • The five Razsukanovi houses
  • Popnikol’s house

And since we’re all social distancing right now, we are giving you the opportunity to take a virtual walk in one of the five Razsukanovi houses. What is more, this house is currently up for sale. If you’ve ever wanted to own a piece of history do not miss this opportunity. You can find the house on Yantra Homes site.

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