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The 208-year-old clock tower - one of the symbols of Elena
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The 208-year-old clock tower – one of the symbols of Elena

The construction of clock towers in Bulgaria began in the 16th century and to this day they remain an emblem of the town or village they are in. These clock towers carry many memories of days gone by. One of the most beautiful and interesting cultural monuments in Elena is precisely the Clock Tower. It is recognised as a cultural monument of national importance. A special place was chosen for its construction so it can be seen from every part of the mountain town.

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Veliko Tarnovo people and village life

Veliko Tarnovo people love to spend time in their village houses. Traditional Bulgarians love the village and even they do not live there, use every possibility, to spend some time at their second homes, which in general belong to few generations.  Traditional Bulgarian house in the village always smells, like a real home. At summer it smells like flowers. In winter- like the smoke of the fireplace and fresh bread. A lot of Bulgarians have village house in the area of Veliko Tarnovo. The tendency people from different European countries, to choose Veliko Tarnovo area for new home, is very stable. Continue Reading