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Veliko Tarnovo people and village life

Veliko Tarnovo people love to spend time in their village houses. Traditional Bulgarians love the village and even they do not live there, use every possibility, to spend some time at their second homes, which in general belong to few generations.  Traditional Bulgarian house in the village always smells, like a real home. At summer it smells like flowers. In winter- like the smoke of the fireplace and fresh bread. A lot of Bulgarians have village house in the area of Veliko Tarnovo. The tendency people from different European countries, to choose Veliko Tarnovo area for new home, is very stable.

We need, to say, that most of Bulgarians have an apartment or house in the city.  They also have village house in the countryside, or so-called villa, that is located in most of the cases short distance, from the city. Of course, many people, love the luxury apartments and villas, but I can say, that they love the simple village cottages.

Bulgarian people adore, to spend weekends in their properties out of the city. Mostly during the summer, they grow fruits and veggies in the gardens. They also produce a variety of foods and beverages, that will be preserved for the winter. The chutney, for example, known as lyutenitsa is very delicious and most of the housewives in Bulgaria make it alone. Or the self-made wine, that is proud of almost every Bulgarian man. You may see a number of vineyards of in Veliko Tarnovo people in the villages. While, visiting villages around Veliko Tarnovo, you probably have noticed many cars, that arrive for weekends and go back in the city, when weekend finish.

Bulgarian wine

Bulgarians are famous for their hospitality.   At one of the next articles, I will write, about rules, when visit home in Bulgaria and home of Veliko Tarnovo people. Do not be afraid, to exchange knowledge’s with your Bulgarian neighbours, about gardening, making wine and food preservation. You will love the result. From another side, they will be happy, to learn something new from you.

Wishing you lovely day and do not forget, to smile. Greetings from the team of  Yantra homes.

Tatyana Slavova


traditional Bulgarian house

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