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Interesting information from North Central Bulgaria

Hello, everyone! Here is short monitoring about interesting news from North Central Bulgaria and specifically Veliko Tarnovo area.

This time of the year starts with many reconstructions works in city Veliko Tarnovo and region.Today starts the stepwise closing of the road to Arbanasi.  If you decide, to visit this traditional village at Veliko Tarnovo area, with many traditional houses, churches, monasteries and traditional restaurants, you will have to go through the village of Sheremetya. Other interesting news from this days, about Veliko Tarnovo, is, that there will be a new organization of tourist’s transportation. Buses of tourist’s companies will stop at tree parking zones, from where people will be transported, to the main sightseeing’s of Veliko Tarnovo.  In general, this will reduce air’s pollution and will make traffic much calmer. From me- as one future, young driver-one big yes.

reconstruction work in North Central BulgariaAnother interesting thing in the region of North Central Bulgaria comes from village Ledenik. There is found spring water near the stadium. According to recent studies of water quality, it helps with stomach problems, infertility and many other.

village ledenik

Another point of interest is the opening of upcoming attraction in Veliko Tarnovo  –Miniature Park named Тarnovgrad. The attraction is set in the area below Baldwin Tower at Tsarevets Fortress.  Here you will be able, to see miniatures –copies of 80 cultural and historical sightseeings of Bulgaria. Among them are fortress Tsarevets of Veliko Tarnovo,  Aleksander Nevsky Cathedral which is located in the capital of Bulgaria, the ancient amphitheatre of Plovdiv, Asenevtsi temple, which is located in Veliko Tarnovo.  The rest is a surprise. If you have not planed upcoming Saturday yet, may visit this interesting event. The ticket to the attraction will be at the reasonable cheap price, but this Saturday, you may visit for free.

A British writer, named Christopher Buxton, has made presentations of his books here in Veliko Tarnovo. They have the romantic names: Faraway from Danube river and Return. Christopher Buxton speaks excellent Bulgarian language and his wife is from Bulgaria.

Many people not only from North Central Bulgaria and neighbouring countries decided, to visit Veliko Tarnovo for the 3 holiday days last week. Maybe it will be interesting, to mention, that 5200 tourists have visited the fortress Tsarevets. The peak of visiting was 23 of September when the tail in front of the cashier was about a kilometre.

Well, this was short monitoring of news about North Central Bulgaria and Veliko Tarnovo city. I will be back soon with more interesting information.

Thank you for visiting our blog and greetings from the team of Yantra homes.

Tatyana Slavova



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