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What are the advantages of investment in a village house near Veliko Tarnovo- Bulgaria?

Why Veliko Tarnovo investment has a lot of advantages?  Why many new people and we personally choose, to live in a village house near Veliko Tarnovo- Bulgaria?

The main advantage is close distance, to this magnificent, historical town, which was nominated for the most beautiful terrace town in the world.Veliko Tarnovo is located in Central-North Bulgaria. Basically, you are just 2 and half hours away from the sea resorts, 2 and half hours from the capital, and surrounded by hundreds of historical places.

The abundance of fresh air, and the more healthy conditions of life, also establishes physical health and strength as town life can never do.  From other side-choosing an apartment in Veliko Tarnovo, gives the opportunity, to be near all events and nightlife.

Veliko Tarnovo investment

But, the closest villages are 5 to 10 minutes drive from the city centre. There are also regular bus connections. So, you may choose. I already made my choice. In very near future there is big chance Gorna Oriahovica airport (which is only 20 minutes away) to have direct flights to all Europe, with operating of two low-cost airline companies. In the present moment, the closest big airports are in Varna and Sophia- between 2,30- 3 hours away, or Airport Otopeni in Bucharest- 3 hours away. All of them offer flights of low-cost airline companies.

Most of the villages have a post office, medical centre, school, kindergarten, few small shops, pub, library. The cost of living is times cheaper, comparing to other European villages.  Bread is around 0,50 Euro cents and a litre of homemade wine around 2,50 Euro.

Bulgarian village breadBulgarin vine yards -good option for investment in Veliko Tarnovo

Most of the villages in Veliko Tarnovo area offer a great option for alternative campsites.  Hundreds of cliffs around are attractive for climbers from all over the world. So, another reason why Veliko Tarnovo investment is a great option. Buying a plot for an alternative campsite is a big yes.

Villages with traditional Bulgarian houses inspire us, to start a new hobby-write book, start drawing, learn traditional Bulgarian craft, cook traditional Bulgarian meals, be a gardener (by the way the soil in Veliko Tarnovo villages is very fertile).  Simply enjoy the life and be creative.

I will be back soon with more interesting information, about Veliko Tarnovo investment and news from the area.


traditional restaurant in Arbanasi, near Veliko Tarnovo


Thanks for being with us today!

Greetings from Yantra homes

Tatyana Slavova

 Images: Internet


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