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A donation campaign in Veliko Tarnovo for those in need in Ukraine

The residents of Veliko Tarnovo region can make a donation of essential goods for the people in need in Ukraine. Clothes, shoes, blankets, food and sanitary materials are collected at the Bulgarian Red Cross checkpoint in the old capital.

People of all ages are involved in the campaign of the Bulgarian Red Cross and the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo to raise material aid for the people of Ukraine. The donation point, located at 14 Marno Pole Street, is open every weekday from 9:00 to 11:00 and from 14:00 to 16:00 and is staffed by two volunteers from the organization. Dozens of packs of baby diapers, bedding, hygiene items, etc. have been collected over the past week.

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local roads
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Citizens can now make proposals which roads in the Veliko Tarnovo district to be repaired in 2022

For the Veliko Tarnovo district this year repairs are planned for about 150 km, which are a part from the national road network. They will be included in the new program of the regional ministry for 2022. Complete repairs will be made on the main road I-4 in the part Sevlievo – Veliko Tarnovo to the town of Omurtag in Targovishte region, or it is about 72 km. The 3 km road section, which starts from the Yantra Hotel in Veliko Tarnovo and reaches the Dervent area, will also be rehabilitated. Repairs are also planned for the third-class road from the village of Koevtsi to Suhindol with a length of 10 km, as well as 50 km from the road Veliko Tarnovo to the border with Ruse district.

Citizen can make proposals which roads to be repaired
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Hidden hammams in Veliko Tarnovo
Entertainment, Things to do

Hidden underground baths of several centuries can become the new tourist attraction in Veliko Tarnovo

An architectural landmark of more than four centuries hides under the ground, overgrown with bushes, in Veliko Tarnovo. These are the old Turkish baths, called hammams, built during the Turkish occupation, which are located by the Yantra River, at the foot of the Humanities High School. The idea to clear the spaces belongs to ​​the enthusiasts from the club “TAM”, who are developing the project “Open City”.

They recently posted pictures of the interior of one of the bathrooms. Few devotees had the opportunity to get acquainted with its authentic beauty. Beautiful arches, lavish oriental ornaments, traces of mosaics and murals are still well preserved in the space, which is hidden from the eyes of passers.

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external office for COVID patients
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External office for patients with confirmed test for COVID-19 and free antigen tests in Veliko Tarnovo

In the Veliko Tarnovo region there is already an external office for patients with a confirmed test for COVID-19 with mild and moderate symptoms. The open outpatient COVID zone is located in the building of the Pulmonary Hospital “Dr. Treiman” in Veliko Tarnovo on the basis of a contract for joint activities with the hospital. The center employs doctors Dr. Stella Dencheva – pulmonologist and specialist in internal medicine, and Dr. Dragosh Metodiev – Head of the Department of Thoracic Surgery at the University Hospital in Pleven and an assistant in the Department of Surgery at the Medical University of Pleven.

The work of the office is coordinated with RHI and RHIF. Every working day from 16.00 to 18.00 the office will receive patients. The severity of the disease will be assessed on the spot and therapy will be prescribed. Apparatus for measuring oxygen saturation of the lungs are provided, at the discretion of doctors there will be an opportunity for X-rays and other types of tests. If necessary, doctors will prescribe referrals for hospitalization. Patients with mild or moderate coronavirus symptoms will be able to receive one antibiotic free of charge from the prescribed treatment, as provided in the plan of the Ministry of Health.

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The Veliko Tarnovo region has entered the green zone for COVID-19

The Veliko Tarnovo region has entered the green zone for COVID-19

The Veliko Tarnovo region is in the safe green zone for infected, with data showing that the diagnosed people are 16,98 in 100 000. In the last two days, only a few cases of infection per day have been identified, and only 13 people are hospitalized. 82 people are treated at home, and 8906 managed to fight the infection. The death toll from the coronavirus is a total of 669. The most active cases in the district are in the municipality of Veliko Tarnovo – 36, in Zlataritsa there are two patients, and in Suhindol – only one.

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