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Veliko Tarnovo autumn season arrived

The region of Veliko Tarnovo has four different seasons. This article is about  Veliko Tarnovo autumn.

The autumn in Veliko Tarnovo arrived with soft steps. Time, to say good bye to the dresses with flowers and summer evenings at the garden. In the air is spread the aroma of the last for the year roasted peppers and the first fires of autumn leaves. Soon the earth will start, to shine with gorgeous yellow colors. The grapes in the vine yards will mature inviting us, to help local farmers in producing of gorgeous wine. It is time for new ideas and horizons!

What offers Veliko Tarnovo during the autumn?! Well, for me personally so many things! The sun is much calmer, so a person can walk with hours among the narrow, paved streets, enjoying the cozy, old traditional Bulgarian houses. Can visit the Fortress and feel the Medieval spirit or simply eat traditional Bulgarian dishes at some cozy restaurant.  There is number of different exhibitions and events. At the end of the month, the musical “Cats”, will be shown at Veliko Tarnovo stage for second time. We can use this time, to learn making Bulgarian embroidery at some of the craftsman’s shops or learn another traditional craft.

There is a big project for renovation of 36 streets in old part of the city. Will be renovated street’s flooring, pavements, subways, overpasses. Some of the streets will become one way, so be careful with signs. There will be more parks and more settled square spaces. So many of the houses in Veliko Tarnovo will be hopefully with better access.

At the middle of next month will start Trapezitsa fest in Veliko Tarnovo, where Bulgarian producers of foods and beverages will offer their production, which is in the middle of Veliko Tarnovo autumn.

Last Sunday, started the European week of sport under the motto “Be active” and the opening was at renovated sport complex “Ivaylo”.

The dance schools start new season offering different dance classes and sport activities.

Veliko Tarnovo is always busy with tourists from all over the world, so it is alive, offering new things and places, to visit. We are also happy, to mention, that the interest in properties in Veliko Tarnovo and the area is still at high level. Many foreigners choose this time of the year, to search for their new Bulgarian home. There is tendency in searching village properties in Veliko Tarnovo area and many young people find their new property in Bulgaria exactly at this part of the country. The lovely climate and many sunny days, attract people, to leave their city homes and get a cozy Bulgarian house in the countryside. Some IT specialists or simply working from home people, already did so.

From other side, the interest of purchasing properties in the city is also very stable, since this is one of the best areas for investments in Bulgaria.

So, this was short picture of the situation in our favourite city Veliko Tarnovo. I will be happy, to keep you informed for the new events at the area. Especialy during this special time of the year- Veliko Tarnovo autumn.

Wishing you a happy Autumn from Yantra Homes in Veliko Tarnovo…

Tatyana Slavova



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