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The only Egyptian mummy in Bulgaria on display in Veliko Tarnovo

mummyThe only Egyptian mummy in Bulgaria is to be shown in one of the exhibition halls of ‘Hadji Nikoli Inn’ in Veliko Tarnovo. The precious piece is property of Varna’s Archaeological Museum. The artefact on show is a woman’s head that dates back from 1st century B.C. It is thought to be the head of an unknown noble lady from Ancient Egypt.

Also for the first time the citizens and guests of Veliko Tarnovo will have the opportunity to see authentic clay and stone tablets with Аncient Egyptian hieroglyphs. The Archaeological museum from the town of Shumen contributed to the exhibition with an interesting Аncient Egyptian cult object – a boat with a boatman. In Ancient Egypt he sailed the souls of the dead into the Underworld. The interesting exposition is opening tonight. The reason behind it is the Professional day of archaeologists in Bulgaria, which is marked on 14th February.

For more than 30 years the head was stored in Varna’s Museum depository. It was last shown in front of public somewhere in the 1940s of last century. Couple of months ago it was restored. So far it was on display in museums in Shumen and Targovishte where the exhibitions achieved great success.

The ancient Egyptian artefact was bestowed on Varna’s Archaeological Museum by Karel Shkorpil in the beginning of the 20th century. He is considered the pioneer of Bulgarian archaeology and is also the founder and first curator of the museum itself.

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