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CARNEM in Veliko Tarnovo

carnemThis is the second visit of ATOM Theatre in Veliko Tarnovo. The gifted duo of Stefaniya Georgieva and Hristo Takov will present their new Project CARNEM

CHOREOGRAPHY – Stefaniya Georgieva and Hristo Takov
DANCERS – Stefania Stoyanova and Michelandzhelo Lanuza
MUSIC – Hristo Takov


These are some of the words used when defining C A R N E M /Latin for flesh/. This performance recreatес a way of pervasion that you can not only see but also feel with every cell in your body. C A R N E M is not just a ‘flesh’ performance. C A R N E M is a way of everyday living. C A R N E M will drag you into the deepest emotions, desires, fears and runaways of the corrosive mind taking control of the body. This project is a deep percolation in the world of flesh through movement and studying the matter as consuming, searching, insatiable element. Dive in this 30-minute body canvas of Stefania Stoyanova and Michelangelo Lanuza, painted by the music of Hristo Takov and the choreography of Stefaniya Georgieva.

Entrance Fee 7 Lev

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