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12 million leva needed for the pedestrian zone by Yantra River and the reconstruction of Boruna and Sveta Gora parks

parkVeliko Tarnovo’s Mayor and his team are trying to find the means to fund the reconstruction of Boruna Park and the construction of riverside road and pedestrian zone by Yantra River. The money is also needed for the restoration of the Stambolov bridge and Boris Denev Art Gallery. Sveta Gora Hill will also be transformed. The plan is for Sveta Gora Park to turn into the new favourite place for recreation of the citizens and guests of Veliko Tarnovo. There will be bicycle lanes, open air stages, open air fitness grounds and observation decks with great panoramic views towards the town and Tsarevets Fortress.  A new riverside street will be constructed by Yantra River. A beautifully landscaped pedestrian walkway will also be build. Water attractions and activities will be available after the realization of the project is all done.

Currently an examination and analysis of the endangered species, the natural habitats of which are the river banks and the parks mentioned above, is under way. Hydrologic, geologic and geodesic analyses have already been accomplished. Stambolov Bridge and the Art Gallery have what is known as metal plague or corrosion; they have been thoroughly inspected too and have been found to be in need of renovation and reinforcement.

The new riverside zone alone is expected to cost around 4 million euro; it will be 2.5 km long and will stretch from the tunnels near Yuzhen Paten Vazel Interchange, pass Inter Hotel, below Gurko street and will end at the foot of Tsarevets Hill. The project is ready and waiting for the approval the European programme under which it will be funded. One of the attraction will be a rope bridge spanning the river and connecting both banks from below Gurko street to Asenevtsi Monument. A sunbathing area, cafés, kayaking and many more attractions will be available after the finalization of the projects. There will be a walkway for pedestrians and a separate road for vehicles.

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