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Filip Kirkorov with a show in Veliko Tarnovo on July, 3rd

filipFilip Kirkorov will have a concert in Bulgaria’s old capital on July, 3rd. The visit is part of his summer tour in the country and has 4 stops – Burgas, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo and Sofia

His impressive show is called Drugoy (Someone else). The stage for his concert is on 6 levels and one of the most breath-taking moments during the act is the 360 degree rotation of Kirkorov in a metal centrifuge similar to a spacecraft module. The show uses 3D technology, light, animation and computer effects and there are also huge jumbotron screens.

During their performane Filip Kirkorov and his dancers change over 20 outfits. The multimedia show is compared in its grandour and magnificence to the concerts of Madona and Lady Gaga and is the most expensive and exuberant programme the singer has ever put on stage.

Filip Kirkorov is the best selling Russian artist ever but never misses a chance to mention that his heart and soul belong to Bulgaria. He was born on 30th april 1967 in Varna. His family moved to the USSR when he was very young.

He has performed in some of the most renowned places all over the world – Madison Square Garden, Jubilee Theater, Taj Mahal, MGM Grand, Carnegi Hall and many other.

Tickets cost from 40 to 80 lv and can be bought online. The show will be hald Vasil Levski Sports and Culture Hall and starts at 8 pm.

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