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The Veliko Tarnovo village Balvan will have a cycling playground by spring
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The Veliko Tarnovo village Balvan will have a cycling playground by spring

By the end of spring, the Veliko Tarnovo village Balvan will have a special site for cycling thanks to the initiative of Donation Association “St. Ivan Rilski “. This will be the third playground in the village that will serve the needs of all local children as well as the children from 20 neighbouring villages.

In the past 2018, 2 playgrounds were built in Balvan – for road and fire safety. They are equipped with all the necessary accessories for studying the rules of road traffic and response to fiery elements. The association is currently working on a small book called “Safety Alphabet”. There will be information about sensitive subjects like people trafficking, traffic safety, police work, alcohol and drug prevention. This year the Donation Association will also conduct all the traditional activities they do with children – summer police academies, fire safety training and more. It is interesting to mention that the children from the village of Samovodene have even published a book in which they collected valuable information about habits and customs in the region.

Last year was very successful for the association and they already have a dynamic program for this year. Apart from the children from the villages in the area, the association also takes care of elderly people. So if you find yourself with a bit of free time on your hands you can always join a volunteer organization like this one or the Friends of Animals VT. There are a lot of volunteer organizations in the Veliko Tarnovo region and they will never turn down a helping hand.

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