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The number of containers for old clothes and shoes in Veliko Tarnovo has doubled
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The number of containers for old clothes and shoes in Veliko Tarnovo has doubled

The number of special containers for old clothes, textiles and shoes has doubled in Veliko Tarnovo. The municipality’s initiative aims to promote recycling and environmental protection.

Containers for old clothes, textiles and shoes

The new containers for old clothes are located in the following places: Bulgaria Blvd. (before the Belyakovsko Shose bus stop in the direction of Kartala neighbourhood), Kolyo Ficheto neighbourhood – Poltava Street, Zone B neighbourhood – Lazurna Street, Buzludzha neighbourhood – Denyo Chokanov Street and Cholakovtsi neighbourhood – Raina Knyaginya Street.

The other containers for old textile materials like clothes, shoes, bags, etc. are located in the central part of the city – next to the entrances of Druzhba and Marno Pole parks, on the bus turnaround in Kartala neighbourhood, next to the market in Buzludzha neighbourhood and on Simeon Veliki str. near Mall Veliko Tarnovo in Kolyo Ficheto neighbourhood.

Such recycling systems have existed for years in most European countries. With this initiative, Veliko Tarnovo implements the strategies of the European Union regarding waste management and the functioning of a circular economy.

Moreover, a new organisation for the collection of bulky waste is being introduced in Veliko Tarnovo. The containers will be placed according to a weekly schedule in the neighbourhoods – from 10.00 to 16.00 on each working day at the appropriate place according to the plan. An employee will be present to control the type of disposed waste.

Containers for bulky waste

The new organization is necessary due to frequent disposal of inappropriate types of waste. The Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo reminds citizens that only old furniture and wood can be thrown away in the large garbage containers. Other types of waste such as construction, household, textile and hazardous waste should not be thrown out there. Other containers or collection sites are provided for those types of waste.

The bulky waste containers will be located as follows in the neighbourhoods:

  • Buzludzha neighbourhood: every Monday on Georgi Izmirliev and Denyo Chokanov streets;
  • Zone B and Cholakovtsi neighbourhoods: every Tuesday on Stoyan Koledarov and Rada Voyvoda streets;
  • Central part of the city and Assenov neighbourhood: every Wednesday on Hristo Botev and St. Kliment Ohridski streets;
  • Kolyu Ficheto neighbourhood: every Thursday on Simeon Veliki and Poltava streets;
  • Akacia and Kartala neighbourhoods: every Friday on Cherni Vrah and Stoyan Mihaylovski streets
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