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Containers for old furniture in Veliko Tarnovo
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Containers for old furniture will be placed in neighbourhoods of Veliko Tarnovo / Поставят контейнери за стари мебели в кварталите на Велико Търново

Containers for old furniture and other wood waste will be placed in some neighbourhoods of Veliko Tarnovo. The initiative is by the municipality and the company “Kronospan” and is made for the convenience of the inhabitants of the Old Capital. The first of the new type of containers will be located in the Buzludja district, and others will follow in some of the bigger neighbourhoods of the city. For next year the municipality plans to put containers for old furniture in every neighbourhood of Veliko Tarnovo.

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Another campaign for electronic and hazardous waste collection

GHS_enVeliko Tarnovo Municipality is organizing yet another collection campaign for electronic and hazardous waste. So if you missed the opportunity to dispose safely of your unwanted stuff and substances last time now is the time to go on and do it. There are going to be two collection points – one opening on February, 25th in Buzludzha Neighbourhood, in the parking lot near the Open Market, from 10 am till 4 pm. The other one is going to be available on February, 26th, from 10 am to 4 pm in front of Mall Veliko Tarnovo, in the parking lot at Simeon Veliki Street.

There people can properly discard their expired medications, mercury-containing ampules and thermometers; lacquers, paints, thinners; household cleaners and chemicals; inks and contaminated packaging; expired pesticides; batteries and accumulators and electronic waste.

The campaign is part of the efforts of the Municipality to keep our town clean and free of hazardous substances.

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