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Veliko Tarnovo Municipality with a record budget for 2021
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Veliko Tarnovo Municipality with a record budget for 2021

Economic opportunities and a better quality of life are the priorities in the 2021 budget, which is the record 112.8 million leva. The 2021 budget of Veliko Tarnovo focuses on the recovery after COVID-19, a better quality of life, investments in infrastructure and ecology. Education and culture are also amongst the top priorities.

Veliko Tarnovo Municipality with a record budget for 2021

The water supply and drainage systems under the entire Bulgaria boulevard are planned to be renovated. A new water network will be laid in the area of the streets Kozlodyi, Ivan Hadzhidimitrov, Narodni byditeli and Dimitar Blagoev. The start of the reconstruction of over 17 km of roads, streets and crossroads is also planned – Bulgaria blvd., the road network in Sveta Gora and Asenov neighbourhoods. Moreover, the construction of two new bridges over the Yantra River is planned. As well as renovations on Opalchenska street together with the entire northern entrance of the city and the unfinished streets in Buzludzha and Zona B neighbourhoods. Investments in public transport systems, traffic organization and parking will be realized.

Nearly 930 thousand leva are provided for the improvement of the settlements in the municipality. The budget of the Local Initiatives program is 500,000 leva. The entire investment program has a framework of 33 million leva. Funding is provided both by European programs and through targeted subsidies and municipal funds. The Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo plans to carry out renovation works in 9 kindergartens in the old capital, as well as the kindergartens in Shemshevo, Tserova Koria and Resen. 246,480 leva will be needed for urgent repairs of these kindergartens.

112.8 million leva is the starting framework of the 2021 budget – the funds for all main functions have been increased, and the biggest growth is for education, public works, construction and ecology, social activities and healthcare, culture and tourism. The rates of local taxes and the fee for household waste remain unchanged.

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