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Veliko Tarnovo – the most beautiful town built on sheer slopes

DSC_0019We have long known that Veliko Tarnovo is probably amongst the most unique towns all over the world and now it was officially confirmed. Veliko Tarnovo topped a chart for the most beautiful towns ever built on sheer slopes which was recently published in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. The magnitude of this first place is proven by the towns left behind by the old Bulgarian capital – Meteora and Santorini (Greece), Ronda (Spain), Rocamadour (France), Riomaggiore, Vernazza and Civita di Bagnoregio (Italy), Piodao (Portugal), Wadi Dawan (Yemen) are a few to name among others.

The paper calls the selected locations jewels of architecture and pieces of treasure. It also notes how hard it must have been for the towns to be built and points the constant drive of humanity to conquer Nature. The Italians also state that Veliko Tarnovo, along with the rest of the towns, is even more picturesque when seen in person and its charm stays vividly in one’s mind long after the encounter.

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