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Wondering where to buy a property? Veliko Tarnovo is the most sought-after area in Bulgaria


Veliko Tarnovo from above

Veliko Tarnovo area is currently proving to be the hottest destination in Bulgaria for buying a new property. The data was released by real estate agencies based in the town and is based on market trends for the first trimester of the year.

The data also shows that there is a growing demand for homes built or redone with high-quality materials and offering impeccable living conditions; they are generally wanted for permanent residence but also for weekend retreats from the hustle and bustle of big cities. Their close proximity to Veliko Tarnovo would also mean that all the convenience and variety of a town nearby with all the shopping and all the options for entertainment and indulgence you could crave area available just a stone’s throw away.

Attractive, ready to move in houses are highly sought after with deals completing between 40,000 and 60,000 euro. Interest is both from Bulgarians and foreigners, mostly British nationals. Russians are also a factor on the real estate market and their numbers are slowly increasing.

It was also pointed out that there is high interest in cheap houses for renovation too. The average agreed selling price for countryside properties in Veliko Tarnovo area is 41 750 euro which is three times the national levels. The housing market in the area is stable, marking a slight but steady increase.

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