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Let’s clean Veliko Tarnovo on Saturday, 25th


Igloo type recycling bins

Veliko Tarnovo Municipality announced that its this year’s campaign Let’s clean Veliko Tarnovo 2015 starts on 25th April, Saturday. Everyone who is willing to contribute can join and help. ECOPACK, a packaging recovery organization – will donate bin bags and rubber gloves and the Municipality will arrange the collection and the disposal of the gathered refuse. The aid materials will be handed out on the day of the cleaning in two places – in front of the building of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality and in front of Mall Veliko Tarnovo. For further questions and instructions you can contact the Ecological Department on 062/619502. The big day will come to an end with a concert and lot of a fun and of course presents, especially for the youngest participants.

From the beginning of May the Municipality will start mechanically cleaning the large illegal dumping sites. Additionally the coloured recycling bins in the Municipality will be replaced with new ones as part of the initiative. The new igloo-type colour bins besides being better looking will also be more effective – their shape won’t allow for general household and construction waste to be disposed in them. The hopes are that the collection of recyclable items will be facilitated by the new igloo waste containers and also to encourage members of the public to dispose of their waste in this manner.

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